Zero Log File Tools

Decoder and viewer for Zero motorcycle MBB or BMS log files. Offline HTML tools convert binary log files to viewable charts and downloadable text. Use Chrome or Firefox.

Online Parser Online Viewer Use these links if you don't need offline tools or are having trouble downloading.


1. Download the latest versions from GitHub with the buttons above
2. Move the downloaded file or just open from your downloads folder
3. Use the Zero Motorcycles app to get your bikes log files, see screen shot below
4. Log files can be sent as an email attachment or saved to Google Drive
5. Save the sent Zero log files to your downloads folder or other location
6. Open the Parser or Viewer in Chrome or Firefox
7. Choose a .bin log file to parse, view charts and download as text or images

DISCLAIMER: This software is not sponsored by, associated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by Zero Motorcycles. It is maintained by riders just like you. Information is presented as-is and may be inaccurate.

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